Monsoon delayed in Telangana, heatwave set to continue


Hyderabad: The weather department on Thursday extended the heatwave warning till June 17 as the temperatures have not cooled down to the expected level.

Initially, the weather department had issued the warning till June 16. But, it has now been extended by another day to June 17.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) states that while the temperatures have come down the intensity of the heat still remains high. As a result, the expected levels of humidity in the air is not being seen.

For this reason, people are being asked to be alert and not venture out during the peak hours.

The weather department also pushed the estimated date for the onset of monsoon by three to seven days. The weather department expects thunderstorm activity in the evenings due to the extreme weather conditions but in isolated pockets of the state only.

On Thursday, the temperatures ranged from 42°C in Khammam which was the highest and 35.8°C in the Hyderabad.


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