NTV chairmen superb car SUV Bentayga

NTV chairmen

NTV chairmen Nrendra Chowdary got himself automobile gaint car . The one is called SUV Bentayga which is a high end luxury vehicle costs around 5 crores of rupees. Bentayga takes the luxury class to a very high leve. The on is very technological and use friendly than other cars in the market. He is the only first one to purchase Bentayga in the telugu states if the sources are to be believed.

Bentayga Specifications: Engine Capacity: 5950 cc Speed: 0-60 mph in 4 sec & 0-10 kmph in 4.1 sec Top Speed: 187 mph (301 kmph) Max Power: 600 bhp/ 5000-6000 rpm Max Torque: 1350 rpm


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