Rains big problem to Janatha garage

Janatha garage

Exactly when everything is set for the wide discharge and record openings of ‘Janatha Garage’ on September first, Non-stop Rains give an inclination that the gathering may be ruined. According to Weather Report, Heavy Rains were anticipated in Hyderabad for the following 24 hours. From there on, There will be showers in few sections of the city. In Amberpet, 9.5 centimeters of precipitation is being recorded. While there is around 9.3 centimeters precipitation in Malkajgiri, Uppal and Ramanthapur got 6 centimeters.

Roads turned parking lots have been accounted for in Toli Chowk and Charminar. Overwhelming storm in Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Mahbubnagar and Warangal areas. NTR continues confronting some kind of an issue at the season of film discharge. Substantial downpours could marginally influence the incomes in couple of regions. Trust, ‘Janatha Garage’ satisfies the desires Entertainment and sets the money registers ringing notwithstanding few chances.


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